GT Youth

GT Youth is our church's Sr. High program for ages 14-20. 

We meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00pm in a LifeGroup study where we look into God’s word for purpose and direction. We encourage discussion, encourage sharing personal experience to allow for growth and to offer support, and encourage bringing needs and requests for which we can pray together.


New this year is Jam Time. All of our youth are encouraged to participate no matter their musical experience or ability. This is the chance to bring an instrument (if they have one), bring their voice (if they love to sing), and, most of all, bring a heart ready to celebrate God together. It runs for 1.5 hrs – the day and time varies according to availability.


There are two types events that will also be scheduled some Friday evenings:


The Bridge Beyond – We arrange a visit for our students to attend another Youth Ministry, either in the Ottawa area or up the Ottawa Valley. It is our desire to expand the vision of how our youth recognize themselves, as part of a much bigger whole, in the body of Christ. These gatherings allow us to see how other groups minister to one another, and how they serve together.


GT Youth Activities – We know teens love to hang out together for some fun. There will be several special events throughout the year, usually one per month. These are great relationship building activities; it is our goal to include youth from outside our regular group -  personal friends, teens from other local youth groups, etc. At these events our focus is connection.

It takes committed volunteers to run GT Youth each week, to create a safe and fun environment for teens. The leaders are happy to meet with anyone who is interested in supporting this ministry.


Contact us at for more information.