Family Devotions: December 2019 Jesse_Tree_Advent_Readings_2019.pdf

This year we are taking time each day in December to do a family Jesse Tree. 

What is a Jesse Tree?


If you are like me you may not have heard of a Jesse tree before. Sure I’ve heard of an advent calendar and in my searching to find an advent printable suitable for our church family I stumbled across this!


The Jesse tree is a sort of advent tradition, based on the scripture in Isaiah 11:1 “Out of a stump of David’s family will grow a shoot.” It starts with “In the beginning” – the story of how Jesus is connected from creation to cradle. It points to scripture every day of the month, to take your family on a journey of centering your hearts and homes on the meaning of the season. This is the family tree of Jesus – with stories tracing back to His great-great-great grandfather, all the way back to the beginning! I love what Ann Voskamp writes “And when you’re tracing that family tree of Jesus, guess what you find? People who were big cheaters, bad liars, weaselly sneakers, battling brothers, fighting families and all the beaten up and brokenhearted.” Some families feel like stumps instead of family trees, but God makes the impossible possible and out of that stump came new hope, new life and new freedom for everyone- Jesus! No one was expecting that!


As you use this devotional and hang your ornaments as a family I encourage you to read, discuss and pray together. Carve out time to put each new ornament up each day.


I pray your family will be strengthened and blessed as you spend time looking into the bible for the greatest gift ever given to us – Jesus!


Prayers and Christmas Blessings to you and your family,


Pastor Rachel

GT Kids

Are you between Kindergarten and Grade 5? 

We offer dynamic programming for children, using interactive rooms and lessons to DIG IN to God's word. 

We are DIGGING IN to the bible this year, beginning in January in the book of Genesis and tracking to Revelation in December. 

You won't want to miss a week! 

Children are signed into their classrooms at the Welcome desk pre-service OR at children's dismissal. We encourage you to arrive early to sign your kids in and worship as a family. 

New this year - 

The Sunday Scoop! 

Your child will receive a handout each week with the lesson they learned, their memory verse and the bible reading you can do together throughout the week. 

Whether you listen to an audio bible or read it outloud, we encourage you to open God's word throughout the week! 


Winners will get to pick a prize from our prize table!

Missed a Sunday? Forgot your Scoop somewhere? 

Grab your Sunday Scoop here!

Scoop Handed Out on: 

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September 29: Sunday_Scoop_Sept_29.pdf

October 6: Oct_6_Sunday_Scoop.pdf

October 13: OCT_13_Sunday_Scoop_1_.pdf

October 20: Copy_of_OCT_20_Sunday_Scoop.pdf

October 27: October_27_Sunday_Scoop.pdf

November 3: November_3_Sunday_Scoop.pdf

November 10: November_10th_Sunday_Scoop.pdf

November 17: November_17th_Sunday_Scoop.pdf